Retro and vintage eyewear in a social setting

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We are transitioning to our new name which is

What's new...see our philosophy in action...

We offer retro and vintage eyewear, as well as an extensive line of affordable sunglasses, and we do it in an ultra cool urban social setting.


Watching people try on eyewear to highlight a trait or express a certain style is not only entertaining and fun, it sparks conversation and gets really playful. Whether being silly or showing off an alter ego, what happens here goes far beyond buying eyewear. Smiles, laughter, numbers exchanged - RetroOptics is a vibrant social setting. Experience it and see why customers keep coming back and bringing friends.

The photos and videos tell our story: People are having fun; conversing with friends and strangers while masquerading different eyewear. Many enjoy the steampunk style while donning vintage goggles & industrial safety glasses. We encourage this because it is what social settings and promenading casino spiele are all about! Discovering the subtleties that make us distinctive has proven to be more fun than we ever imagined.

Unlike an eyewear boutique with a high pressure salesperson hovering over you, we boast an open social atmosphere,  giving you the freedom to look, try, and decide at your leisure. Traditional stores may allow you to see a few frames under supervision, while we offer over 500 frames in stock for you to try on. The image you present to the world deserves your thoughtful consideration. We understand this and encourage you to bring your friends for feedback and take your time.